(August 2000) No Moody Cows here please!

Like many Sibfordians I am shocked by the proposed renaming of the Wykham Arms. I feel it is an insult to all villagers and specially to women. If women did become moody in the past it could well have been because in bygone days many husbands, on payday, spent half their week’s wages or more in the pub, thus seriously depleting that which she needed for food for the family.

Now however if the term ‘moody cow’ is used simply as an unpleasant insult it is just as bad.

I wonder how men would react if the proposed name were, ‘The selfish s.d,’ or ‘The boozy b….r’!

I hope even at this late stage you will consider changing the proposed name to one more acceptable to all of us.

If however you are set on honouring our four footed friend who gives us milk, cream, butter and cheeses of great variety, why not substitute ‘contented’ for the offensive adjective ‘moody’.

Yours sincerely, John E