(May 1999) Upper Wheathills field

Representatives from the Gower and Ferris Parish Councils and the Town Estate Charity, met to set guidelines for the use and management of the field, and it was for that reason that opinions had been asked for in the last issue of the Scene.

The meeting was unanimous and emphatic in wanting to thank all those whose donations made the purchase possible. Neither the donations alone nor the Charity’s funding alone could have achieved the objective. The final financial figures are not yet available, but will be made public in due course.

Most importantly the field is now safe from any building development in perpetuity; this will be ensured by making a copy of this announcement part of the minutes of both the Charity and Parish Councils.

The meeting received a number of opinions regarding the usage of the field, for which it was very grateful. These were all considered and they contributed to the following conclusions:.

In order to produce some income to help defray the cost of maintaining the field, it would have to be let for grazing. Opinion clearly did not favour it being let as pony paddock, and it is certainly not to be used in any way as a sports field or recreation ground. When let, the rights and privacy of the tenant will have to be respected.

Therefore there will be no use of the field for car parking except in very rare circumstances, and the delegates agreed that the field could be used next year for the Millennium Pageant.

There is clearly a strong desire to give the field a meadowy character. This is welcomed, but can only be achieved in one of two ways: cultivate the land and sow a mix of grass and flower seed, which would be very expensive, or allow individuals to plant plants in the existing grass, and it follows that neither of these two options could take place until after June next year.

Possibly some trees will be planted in the future and there will be suitable hedge planting along the new fence; also the roadside hedge will be laid when sufficient growth allows. The desire was also expressed for there to be seating, and the possible location and nature of an amenity area is being studied.