(October 1997) Letter to the Editor

Here in the Sibfords and Burdrop we are very fortunate there is little trouble but this depends on the make-up of the villages and it wanes from year to year.

We often hear, read and speak of young people – sometimes for good but mostly for bad. The ‘young’ are not ‘young adults’ and like all young of every species, need to be taught, guided, helped by example and ENCOURAGED TO BECOME acceptable adults.

Here in Sibford Village Hall, we are hoping to form a Young Club, through sport. 27 keen youngsters have presented themselves for membership BUT only ONE adult has committed himself to help, to date – an impossible task. If a success is to come about FATHERS, YOUNG MEN/WOMEN and MUMS your support is URGENTLY needed. Could you give 2 hours per week to join in? You do not have to be a football fanatic, there are equally good table games, i.e. chess, draughts, even tiddly winks – all go to championship levels. Youngsters would like to play netball, we have the nets but no helper.

COME & HELP the youth of our villages to learn how to win (and lose gracefully), to play as a team and develop into the type of citizen we would all be proud of.