(May 1995) First Sibford P.O. National Lottery customer is a winner!

A Sibford resident walked into the Village Shop a few minutes after its National Lottery machine came into operation on 12 April and purchased the Shop’s first on-line Lottery ticket.

He was back again just after 10am on Sunday to collect his winnings – and the bottle of wine that Colin & Helen were presenting to their first on-line Lottery winner?

After carefully counting his winnings — did you know you can collect more at Sibford than you can at WH Smith or Tesco? – he announced “I propose to give half of the money to the road-runner‘s ‘Workable’ charity, but I haven’t decided yet what I’ll do with the rest.”

“This will not alter my life-style – maybe I’ll get just a few little luxuries” he continued, surveying the crowded shelves and finally handing over a tenner. “A packet of Polo Mints and a Kit-Kat, please — one of those big ones.”

He concluded “I wish to remain anonymous and to be left in peace to continue my job as Editor of the Sibford Scene.”