(July 1994) Holy Trinity Church Parish Supper

As promised in the last issue of the Scene, here is a report on the results achieved after the supper and financial presentation.

We have received many appreciative letters, not only about the supper itself but about the manner and content of the presentation. Grateful thanks to those who wrote.

One correspondent commented that he had not previously realised the narrow support base which the figures disclosed [that we had only 26 regular and committed pledges out of a Family Roll of 80 people and villages with a population of over 700].

The good news is that the base has been widened; there are twelve new donors under Deed of Covenant and 6 new regular uncovenanted pledges. In addition there have been six donations, some of which may be repeated and three other pledges whose monetary value is as yet unknown. l suppose that it could nevertheless be seen as a little disappointing that with the sizes of the Family Roll [more formally, the Church Electoral Roll] and of the village population, the base is still relatively small.

But let us be positive. The exercise has clearly engendered a lot of good will and in financial terms there is, in new or increased covenants grossed up for recovery of tax, a fraction under £3,450 per annum of new covenanted money and there are new pledges of uncovenanted giving amounting to something over £800 per annum. And we have received single unpledged gifts of £285 including a splendid £80 raised at an event run by the Friendship Club in aid of our funds. Another substantial gift is promised, but I knew about it well before the supper, so we cannot claim it as a result of our efforts. So if there are no unforeseen disasters our finances look reasonably secure for a year or three. But any prudent Treasurer still ought to say to those who want there to be a Church in Sibford, “if you aren’t giving regularly please consider doing so. If you are, please remember to review your giving as your own circumstances improve”!

To all those who have responded to our appeal I offer on behalf of the Parochial Church Council (and indeed myself) our very grateful thanks.

Colin Frith