(March 1985) Sibford History

As a result of the interest shown in the piece which appeared in the “Scene” two or three months ago, a “Sibford History Group” has been formed.

We aim to capture and record something of the flavour of life in our villages in the early part of this century. We plan to talk to (“interview” is too forbidding a word) older members of the community who may have reminiscences of their own or of their relations who lived here, and to locate and make records of any documents, photographs or artefacts which may help to illustrate or confirm what has been discovered from other sources. It is a fairly daunting task, though we hope that it will also prove enjoyable. Our intention is eventually to produce some readable summary of our achievements and to record them in such a way that they will readily be available when anybody wishes to refer to them or to use them as part of some exhibition of Sibford History.

Some of you may feel that, the villages having been even more different in bygone years than they are today, we should be talking of “Sibfords History”. O.K. you’re right, but “Sibford History” is easier to say! We have set ourselves no time limit for completion of the project – we may well find ourselves arguing later whether it can ever be quite complete.


First we need to have all the help we can get in locating people who might be able to contribute from their own store of knowledge, and we need offers (or suggestions of where we might solicit offers) of documents etc. which we might be allowed to borrow to photograph (or photograph in situ) to add to our records.

If you have any ideas or suggestions PLEASE let us know.

Second, we need more members. We are not necessarily looking for special knowledge or skills, but for enthusiasm for what we see as a worthwhile project.

We are pretty informal and unstructured, with no officials as yet, so if you have any ideas or think you might like to join the Group, or just want to know more, please contact Colin Frith, Barn Close, Burdrop. It would be helpful if you could do this by a brief written note, but if you would really rather telephone, try Swalcliffe 512; you might get a rather inefficient answering machine, in which case be warned that it will only record messages which last for no more than half a minute, so give your name and telephone number before anything else!

We look forward to hearing from you. If you decide to join us you may like to know that our next meeting will be on Monday 11th March, probably at Barn Close, Burdrop.

Colin Frith