(April 1982) Looking back

Reading in the January Scene the call for a Cub Leader in the Village brought memories to us. In 1940, Mrs Campbell, who was living in Buttslade House, decided to open a Scout and Cub pack as many of our village boys and evacuees wished to join. This she did with my help as Cub mistress. The group grew to well over 30 Scouts and 20 Cubs. Learning as we went along the rules and regulations of Leadership, we certainly made our mark.

Sadly in 1942 Mrs Campbell was forced to leave, Our District Commissioner, Lord Saye and Sele, who had previously been Scout Master in Sibford, was a great help when we went with our plight to Broughton Castle. “Have you asked Eric Payne?“. “No,” we said, “do you think he would be interested?” — with that he was approached and he accepted the challenge.

From then on we had many happy group meetings in part of the old Village Hall behind the Wykham Arms. With candles and one wall lamp, we did our weekly scout work. One scout took a great dislike to marching practice that we had to do for a Church Parade, so each time he passed a candle, he blew it out, leaving us with one small lamp. After that our friend was missing every time we had this particular exercise. However, he must look back on it with a glint in his eye, because he is now a University gentleman and happily married.

The boys entertained the village each year with a pantomime. The one coming to mind was the great success of Robin Hood and his Merry Men, performed in the Manor Hall.

Lord Saye and Sele supported us throughout our Scouting life and was kind enough to let our group camp in his grounds each year with his supervision.

Memories are numerous, and may we wish the new Cub master and his boys Good Luck and go forward in strength.

Eric and Mabel Payne