Family history

This website offers a couple of unique resources for people researching historical family connections with the Sibfords.

The Sibford Scene archive holds editions of the village magazine, from its appearance in March 1977 to the present day. There is a gap in the middle of the sequence, but this is gradually diminishing as our elves find the time to scan and upload the printed copies held in the Sibfords History Society’s archives.

The Reverend Edward Stevens was Vicar of Sibford from 1874 to 1898. His diaries offer fascinating insights into village life of the period, and they are packed with references to village families of the time: 85% of the surnames listed in the 1881 census for the Sibfords are mentioned in them. Our project to scan and transcribe these diaries to the website is nearly complete.

You can search in these resources for names that you are interested in by using the search box that is available near the foot of every website page. In the case of the Sibford Scene, this basic search is confined to the few articles that we have copied out and posted separately on the website; you will usually get better results with our Advanced Search, which searches within the entire text of each Sibford Scene edition.