SSG Volunteers

A close up of a logoThis page is a centre for information supporting the work of Sibford Support Group volunteers.

If you can offer help as a volunteer, please email 

WhatsApp group

A WhatsApp  group has been set up to enable the efficient communication of cases where people need help in line with the overall SSG objective. It is proposed that anyone that joins the group can post when they hear of someone that needs support whereupon someone can volunteer to help according to location/time etc. Specifically, at this stage (this will likely evolve over time) this is to help with the distribution of prescriptions as well as urgent ‘generic’ support as requested by the elderly/vulnerable/self-isolated. It is important to restress the need for social distancing and to be careful not to come into close contact with people. Any doorstep contact should be kept at a safe distance with appropriate sanitation in line with guidelines.

In order to keep communications as efficient as possible the WhatsApp group should only be used as a means of fulfilling the key objectives above.  It should not be used for specific advice on COVID-19 which should be only gained through the official government/health channels.  

How to join

Join the group by emailing your name and mobile phone number to . Alternatively, you can be invited on directly by anyone already on the group.

Safely delivering goods

Oxfordshire All In  has produced this guidance  on safely delivering to vulnerable people.