Self-isolation amusements

Here are some things to help pass the time in self-isolation, even if only a tiny bit.

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Name that bird (1)

These are fun. It took me a while to get 4 and 7.

A close up of text on a white background

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Spot the ISS

The International Space Station can be seen as a bright dot moving quite rapidly overhead most (clear) nights. Visit Spot the Station  for the local timetable.

Name that bird (2)

Much more difficult.

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Painting with Nigel Fletcher

Painting of a robinFerris artist Nigel Fletcher  has launched a YouTube channel  demonstrating painting techniques. Watching paint dry has never been so fascinating!

The horse’s head demo  and the Rockin Robin  are especially suitable for children. Nigel continues to add more demos.

Email Nigel at  if you want help with ordering materials, etc.

The Quarantine Quiz

The author of this “ungoogleable” quiz  hopes to “raise some money during this crazy time for the wonderful NHS”.

Colour your own ‘thank you’ to NHS staff

One of Britain’s leading artists, Sir Michael Craig-Martin, has designed a poster for adults and children to colour in  and display as an appreciative show of support for the selfless work of NHS staff.

A close up of a mapA Happy Birthday Surprise

You’ll need card, ruler, scissors, glue and felt-tip pens for this craft project.

Quarantine through Art

Famous paintings captioned with topical phrases.

(YouTube may set cookies when you press Play)

Name 39 Beatles songs

Please don’t ask me for the answers – but you could try googling 39 beatles songs.

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A close up of a flowerChildren – grow a succulent!

Sue Bannister at Carter’s Yard, Sibford Gower, says that succulent plants  are ideal for children to pot up and grow. They are tough enough to be handled by small fingers and they grow quite quickly and flower. Sue has plenty for sale, in aid of  National Garden Scheme  charities. She also has lots of wonderful desirable plants for sale for older gardeners. Contact her on 780 365.

Amazing Attractions

You could easily while away an afternoon sampling this mammoth list of museums, zoos, and other attractions from around the world.

Wikipedia Treasure Hunt

Visit  . Donate £3.50 to take part – all proceeds to support ‘s emergency coronavirus appeal. Follow the clues across Wikipedia to crack puzzles, solve mysteries and find the treasure fastest.