Sibford Drivers

We are sad to report that our marvellous “hub”, Margaret Gardiner, who has been a wonderful help since we started has been unwell. For the time being, David Gill has agreed to take over her job and we are very grateful to David for volunteering. Despite Margaret’s absence, many lifts have been requested and been carried out and we are glad that our services are being used. Would villagers please pass the word round about us; we are still 31 drivers strong and many have not yet been employed. We don’t want them to think they are not needed.

Current telephone rota

If you require a lift, in the first instance please ring David Gill on 788 171 or 07730 431 118.

If no reply from David, please try the following people, according to the date.

from Sunday to Saturday      
5 January 11 January Peter Abbott 780 731 07811 918 926
12 January 18 January Maureen Hicks 780 259 07502 121 206
19 January 25 Janury Fiona Pidgeon 780 360 07813 477 004
26 January 1 February Judy Hine 788 830 07790 973 457
2 February 8 February Alex Conaway   07766 071 632
9 February 15 February Oonagh Garnham 788 160 07717 723 919
16 February 22 February Carolyn White 780 933 07711 897 902
23 February 29 February Keith Hicks 780 259 07802 317 471

About Sibford Drivers

Those of us in the Sibfords who have a car and are still able to drive far outnumber those who mainly through age or infirmity do not. Most of the latter can no longer bicycle and many even find walking difficult or impossible. The Sibford Drivers scheme makes it possible for the former to help the latter in an organised way.

A group of drivers is on hand to give the occasional lift within a ten mile radius, which includes Banbury, Hook Norton, Chipping Norton, Shipston on Stour. Many people living in the Gower cannot easily, or at all, get to the Village Shop, and those in the Ferris have the same problem with the Surgery, Village Hall, Church or Meeting House. A climb through the famous Sibford Dip is too much for a good number of us.

The current rota for those on telephone duty is shown above and anyone seeking a lift within or up to a ten mile radius of the village should follow the instructions given there. The people named will not be sitting by their telephones awaiting your call but we hope the arrangements described will find you a driver. You will be asked how long you wish to stay at your destination, as a lengthy visit may necessitate arranging a different driver to bring you home.

The driver will be making a small charge to cover petrol and maintenance costs at the rate of 30p per mile. Note that the distances to Banbury, Shipston-on-Stour and Chipping Norton are all about 7 miles and a journey there and back would be about £4.50 depending on where exactly you wish to be taken. If the driver is unable to wait to take you home, you will be requested to pay a similar sum to the second driver.

We do hope that the inhabitants of Sibford will use this service as the volunteers are very keen that you should, and will be disappointed if they have no requests; nobody likes to feel unwanted!

Residents will be aware of similar services organised mainly in Banbury for hospital and other appointments further afield. These are:

If you would like to join the scheme as a driver, or have any questions or comments, please contact Mary or Norman on 780 980 or by email.