Swifts 2021

A bird flying in the sky

This page logs the progress of a small swift colony of four nestboxes in Sibford Ferris. Come back regularly to see progress! If you want more information about swifts in Sibford, please contact me at swifts@thesibfords.uk

You may also be interested in the logs for 2020 and 2019, or a peek into their lives right now via the nestbox webcams.

Would you like to know more about swifts? Read this fascinating article about The Greatest Bird On Earth.

Swifts have been declining in numbers – by over 50% in the last 20 years in the UK – but you can help by putting up nestboxes designed for them, as several Sibford residents have done. There is good guidance for doing this at Bristol Swifts.

Tim Huckvale

2021 Swift log

Sun 25 April, nestbox #4: Arrived in the last couple of days, almost certainly one of our original pair who have been back every year since we opened the boxes in 2017. Let’s hope that their partner also returns soon so that they may repeat their past breeding success.

Sun 2 May, nestbox #4: Our early resident has been roosting every night, and spending some of the days foraging for nesting material, but there is no sign of any other swifts. There is now a high resolution camera in nestbox #4, giving a much better view.