Swifts 2020

A bird flying in the sky

This page logs the progress of a small swift colony of four nestboxes in Sibford Ferris. Come back regularly to see progress! If you want more information about swifts in Sibford, please contact me at swifts@thesibfords.uk

The log for last year is here.

Would you like to know more about swifts? Read this fascinating article about The Greatest Bird On Earth.

Tim Huckvale


Wed 29 April: What are probably the first three swifts of the season were sighted in Sibford Ferris.

Sun 3 May, nestbox #4: Arrived this morning, almost certainly one of our original pair who have been back every year since we opened the boxes in 2017. Let’s hope that their partner also returns soon so that they may repeat their past breeding success.

A close up of an animalWed 6 May: Nestboxes #2 and #3 are newly occupied with one bird each today.

Thu 7 May: The partner has returned to #4, although they did not stay for the night. #2 was also empty tonight.

Fri 8 May: Partner returned to #3.

Sat 9 May: Not a lot happening on camera. It was such a lovely day that they were all out hunting and screaming.

A bunch of items that are on displaySun 10 May: A full house for the first time this year, as one of the pair that bred in #1 last year has returned, and the juvenile has reappeared in #2.

Tue 12 May: The partner has returned to #1.

Thu 21 May: Our three pairs have been cuddling up together every night, but #2 has been empty for a week or so. Outside, there seems to be fewer swifts around altogether than at this time last year.

Fri 22 May: one egg in each of boxes #3, #4.

Sat 23 May: an egg in#1, 2 eggs in #3.

Mon 25 May: 2 eggs in #4. The egg in #1 has been moved out of the nest to the side – probably by accident – but it looks as if there is another egg still in the nest.

Wed 27 May: A lone swift dropped in to the empty box #2 for a brief visit today, but didn’t stay the night. One egg has been moved out of the nest in #4. A strange episode late tonight when I spotted a swift peering out of the entrance to #4, staying there for at least an hour with little sign of movement; meanwhile the camera showed a pair of swifts moving around inside the box. An intruder? A friend visiting? Anyway, it flew off at around 10pm.

Sun 31 May: Another egg has moved out of the nest in #1; the parent is still sitting on the nest, but is it now egg-less?