Field names


This page lists over 200 names of fields in the Ferris and Gower civil parishes, based on a survey made in 2017-20 by Ivor Hopkyns and Clive Warner. It is by no means definitive; although partly based on historic documents such as land auction notices, it mostly relies on people’s memories of historic names. In addition, field boundaries change over the years; the survey was made against boundaries shown on the 1922 Ordnance Survey map pictured above, but below we use the current OS map.

On the 1922 map, the fields are numbered in separate sequences for Ferris (the red area) and Gower (blue). They are distinguished by the prefix F or G in the map and list of field names below.

Click on a map marker to see the field name. You’ll need to zoom in a bit for the modern field boundaries to become visible as black lines (usually straight); the scale indicator at bottom left should show “300 m” or lower.


Click / touch a field name to find it on the map.